Gentleman Escort in Athens

Hello sweetheart, my name is Jayson!                                      


First of all, I want to welcome you to my website and invite you to embark into the adventure of your life!                                  

Are you looking for someone special, a man that can make your skin shiver and your senses go crazy with lust? Then darling I can promise you that I will fulfil all of your fantasies!                                  


In me you can find an experienced high class escort - a real gentleman, that makes you shine when accompanied by him  when attending an important social event or a fancy dinner, a sexy stud holding you in his arms while caring you into bed, but also a strong, protective man, that can make you feel safe and also kind of aroused and excited!                                  


Are you looking for a hot gigolo that can make you feel desired and attractive and that can ravish you with his adoring hands, while covering you  with kisses all over your naked body? Then my dear, you just found your hot lover and charming gentleman, all in one person!                                


Have you ever dreamt of an intense summer romance, a hot and passionate sexual adventure under tGreece’s blue sky and torrid sun?                              

It is never too late to be worshiped like a goddess on the warm, sandy beaches of Greece, under a scented lemon tree or in the crystal, sky-blue Mediterranean Sea.                              

With me you’ll experience that crazy sexual adventure that, until now, you’ve just read about in romance novels. Let me idolize you, cover you with lustful touches and help you present yourself as the sexy, fun and adventurous woman that you are!                            

Check out my photo gallery and my service list for more info about myself and try to envision all the fun that we can have together.                                                


I can’t wait to hear from you my darling!  



With love and respect, Jayson